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FreshOralPro™ - Tongue Scraper


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The nose is far more sensitive than human ears.

People smell you before they hear you!

You obviously know how gross bad-breath is. Kills confidence, taste, and conversations.

How do you fix bad breath?

Easy :Fresh Oral Pro™

Subtle as it seems, Fresh Oral Pro™ literally scrapes of germs and junk you acquire over the day.

Dead cells, Bacteria or Food chunks, scrape it all!


Why do I even need a Tongue Scraper?

Well, you either choose bad-breath-convo-kill or our scraper. Make the decision.

Does it actually work?

Of course it does! Indians have been using it for ages and they’re definitely good with natural solutions to these problems.

But I can always use a mouthwash.

Yeah, sure you can. Even though you burn your tastebuds with the chemicals and definitely lose the sensation of taste for a while. 
We proudly claim, that our scraper enhances the sense of taste. Everything will be tastier!

Pinkier tongue in 5-scrapes! Yep, it’s instant.


Are there any health benefits?

We save you from oral diseases. You’ll have those teeth for a little longer than your friends.

Benefits of FreshOralPro™

Reluctant to add garlic in your favorite pasta sauce? Stopped consuming caffeine because of the stinky aftereffects?Worry no more!

200% better than a regular toothbrush, while cleaning the tongue.

It’stwice as effective as a plastic scraper or toothbrush. Researchers even found thattongue scrapers remove 30% more volatile sulfur compounds from your tongue than a soft-bristled toothbrush.


A blessing in disguise...

All you need to do for this product is sterilize your scraper with boiling water and you’re good to go. This will last you a lifetime as it won’t rust or rot.

Wield your own steel weapon against oral diseases

Stainless steel scrapers are impervious to bacteria and easy on your tongue. It’s adjustable so it reaches the uneven crevices of your tongue too. It leaves no area untouched.


It’s only a small price for oral hygiene

The curved shape of this product helps you control the automatic gag reflexes. And the non-slip handle gives you precise control of the movements. The best part? It’s effective and economical too!


How to Use Your Tongue Scraper Effectively?

  • Place the scraper on the back of your tongue after you brush and floss.
  • Gently pull the scraper forward to the tip of your tongue.
  • Repeat the process three or times twice a day!
  • Rinse the scraper after every stroke.
  • Wash your mouth.
  • Sterilize your tongue scraper with boiling water or antibacterial solutions.

Be mindful of the pressure you’re applying on your tongue. You might harm the skin instead!

Never Hesitate to Speak Again!

This soft and gradual technique will help your oral hygiene a long way. It surely helps if you’re suffering from chronic bad breath or tongue buildup.
Stimulate your taste buds. Converse freely. With the Fresh Oral Pro™ Tongue Scraper, your bad breath and memory leave with the bacteria.



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